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Are you sick of looking up at your home and seeing leaves, branches, sticks, and dirt attached to your roof? Or have you freshly renovated your home and want to give your home the complete refurbishment?

Most of us forget that a roof cleaning Sydney is a necessity, which has both a functional and aesthetic role to play. Without a roof you would have water, debris entering your property. If a roof isn’t maintained and repaired there is a high chance your properties structure, and probably your possessions will feel the wrath of water and whatnot finding its way inside.

Regarding aesthetics, your roof plays a major role in the presentation of your home, all the hard work of painting your home, redoing the garden or doing a general tidy up is not complete without a spotless roof.

Our clients are often surprised at how much of a difference a clean roof makes. Roof cleaning Sydney can restore your roof no matter what type it may be, which can increase its longevity, identify repairs and unknowingly replace the need to purchase a complete new roof for those without proper knowledge.

Our Roof Cleaning Sydney Service

We clean roofs of all shapes, sizes, and materials. Depending on your roof will determine the method in which we use to clean your roof. Roofs should not be cleaned without a professional of experienced cleaner due to the risk of falling from heights and posing damage to your roof.

We value the safety of our employees, and this is why we ensure our staff has training and safety equipment when they work or clean any roof no matter how tall or short. All members of our team are certified to work at heights and utilize all safety equipment including harnesses and helmets.

How We Clean Your Roofs

Roof Cleaning with Pressure Washing

Sydney Roof cleaning with high-pressure washing is suitable for the majority of roof types. It quickly removes debris, dirt and other marks using water. High-pressure cleaning techniques are suitable for roofs made of clay, concrete tiles, slates, asbestos or metal roofing sheets.

We value the environment, and this is why all debris is collected and removed to ensure gutters and drains do not get blocked.

Roof Cleaning with Roof Detergent and Scrubbing

High-pressure cleaning isn’t suitable for all roofs. If your property has a roof that contains shingles or is flat, we will clean your roof the old fashioned way, with approved detergent and scrubbing. All detergents used are environmentally friendly and are not toxic to humans and pets.

The combination of a roof detergent and scrubbing polishes every section of your roof ensuring we leave it shining and good as new.

For whichever reason, you may have for cleaning your roof our most important principle is to ensure we provide high-quality work which will, in turn, increase your roofs longevity, reduce damage and allow for early identification of necessary repairs.

Make us your number one choice for roof cleaning in Sydney today, call us now on 0425 363 840 to organize a free inspection and quote.