Roof Painting Sydney

Roof Painting Sydney

A freshly painted Terracotta or concrete roof has more benefits than solely a clean and crisp looking roof. Roof Painting Sydney can help your pocket as well, by increasing the longevity of your roof, giving it an additional layer of weather protection and for some homes can allow you to save on those energy bills. By keeping the cold or warm air inside your home instead of enabling it to escape through the holes or the thin layer of your roof will save you money on heating and cooling throughout the colder and warmer months.

Some will want to paint their roof to change its color, to refresh their roof before selling their home, for an extra layer of protection or after roof clean.

No matter the reason, we paint roofs of all shapes, sizes, tiled, concrete and Colorbond. Each type of roof has particular benefits and characteristics or solely based on its appearance.

Function wise, many clients choose to have terracotta-tiled roofs for a natural look that does not need paint but may require some extra love and care with regular cleaning removing moss and lichen.  Clients who choose concrete roofs do so base on its high durability and longevity. However, painting is usually a must where terracotta roofs can go without a coat of paint. Colorbond roofs are the cheapest option, and the most durable and weatherproof compared to tiled and concrete roofs. Colorbond roofs only need cleaning in areas with overhanging trees whereas terracotta and concrete roofs will need regular cleaning to ensure water freely flows into gutters and drainpipes.

Our Products for Roof Painting 

We only stock and use high-quality products from trusted brands. Furthermore, we also guarantee ten years warranty on all of our terracotta roof tile painting, concrete roof tile painting, and Colorbond roof tile painting in Sydney.

Our Roof Painting Sydney Service

No job too big or too small, our team have experience in roof painting Sydney on all shapes and sizes.

Slight variation depending on what roof you have.

Basic process includes cleaning your roof, repairing any damage and lastly painting your roof. If you would like to repaint your roof with the same color, our experienced staff can accurately match your current color, or if you have something new in mind, we will supply a color of your choice.

Tiled (Terracotta & Concrete) Roofs

  • We will first clean your roof with a high-pressure washer to make sure we get into all shingles, leaving no corner or edge untouched.
  • We will inspect your roof, making any repairs if required before painting with mortar, capping or installing replacement tiles.
  • We paint tiled roofs with an air-spray gun to apply an even coat allowing us to reach every tile from one side of your roof to the other.


Colorbond Roofs

  • To prepare for painting, we will apply a degreaser to remove any dirt and grime.
  • We will inspect your roof for any holes or damaged sections before painting, and damaged parts can easily be replaced, and smalls holes can easily be patched up.
  • We will paint your roof with an airbrush (and roller if required) to ensure a smooth and faultless finish.

For more information about roof painting Sydney or your property or to book a free inspection and quote call us now on 0425 363 840.