Roof Repair Sydney

Roof Repair Sydney

A roof needs repairing for a range of reasons, whether it’s new or aged there are common roof damages and faults that will need fixing. The primary function of a roof is to keep the elements outside of your home, safeguarding your home’s infrastructure, foundation and protecting your possessions inside. If your roof is damaged and it needs roof repair Sydney, especially if it goes unfixed it can cause the opposite of its function and can end up costing you a lot more than a simple repair. No matter how new or old your roof is damaged can emerge from a range of sources.

Common causes of roof damage:

Tile Roofs:

  • Cracked Tiles
  • Missing tiles
  • Old roof pointing (before flexible pointing)
  • Eroded ridge capping, and
  • Ridge gaps.

Colorbond Roofs:

  • Incorrect installation (roof sheets not overlapped, wrong profile, etc.)
  • Screw holes unsealed or screws under flashings unfastened
  • Flashings installed incorrectly, and
  • The absence of weatherproofing.

If you are not an expert it’s hard to tell if your roof is damaged, however here are some visual and physical signs that you should be able to see.

Signs that your roof may need repairing include:

  • Leaks (both tiled and Colorbond)
  • Rusted Roof (both)
  • Sagging roof (both)
  • Cracked tiles (tiled only)
  • Curled shingles (tiled only)
  • Missing tiles (tiled only)
  • Roof sheets turned at the top due to loose screws (Colorbond only)

What does roof repair in Sydney involve?

Roof repair Sydney isn’t always a major job, and it can be as small as sealing a hole, removing a few tiles or fastening down Colorbond sheets. No matter how big or small the repair it is important to undertake regular maintenance to ensure your roof remains in good condition for years to come and it keeps the weather (rain and wind) outside.

Tiled Roofs:

  • Inspect and remove damaged tiles
  • Clean roof
  • Replace missing and damaged tiles
  • Strip (if damaged) ridge capping,
  • Rebedding (glue-like) and re-pointing or ridge capping (which is crucial to keep water out)
  • Apply an exterior tile roof sealant (weatherproofing)
  • Paint if requested.

Colorbond Roofs:

  • Inspect and remove damaged sections
  • Clean roof
  • Replace damaged Colorbond sections
  • Re-capping sheets
  • Seal any holes
  • Apply an exterior roof sealant (weatherproofing)
  • Paint if requested.

Our Services

We do all types of roof repairs big or small, we offer:

  • Tiled roof repairs Sydney services
  • Colorbond roof repairs Sydney services, and most importantly
  • Emergency roof repairs in Sydney.

Before we undertake any activities on your roof, we will inspect and assess what will be the most practical money wise service that will also increase the longevity of your roof. Depending on your roofs needs we will repair and replace sections, clean your roof, paint your roof or in the worse case scenario install a brand new roof.

Our emergency roof repair Sydney service is specifically designed to get to you as soon as possible and fix your roof to protect your home’s structure and your possessions. We have over 20 years experience undertaking emergency Sydney roof repairs throughout Sydney, and we will get to you as soon as possible and ensure your home is once again protected, your possessions inside and most important you and your family, employees or roommates.

At the end of the day repairing your roof can save you money, instead of buying a new roof. 

For more information or to organize a free inspection and quote call us today on 0425 363 840.