Roof Restoration Sydney

Roof Restoration Sydney

Restoring a roof has two essential functions.

A. To refresh your roof, whether you want a good-as-new look or a change of colour.


B. To strengthen and protect your current roof, your home’s structure and your possessions inside.

Clients request a roof restoration for a range of reasons, it may be due to leaks, before winter, before selling their home or they simply want to change their roof colour. No matter the reason is we provide roof restoration services for tiled and Colorbond roofs.

Why you may need to restore your roof.

Tiled roofs such as terracotta tiles are more susceptible to the elements and need to be regularly maintained including tile replacements, regular cleaning, sealing and depending on your preference a new coat of paint. Concrete tiles and Colorbond roofing may require less maintenance. However, routine maintenance is still advised, and the roof restoration process follows the same principles.

Roof restorations save you money in the long-run, without regular maintenance a total roof restoration won’t only give the outside of your roof a new look, replacing and repairing damaged parts, rust and what not but it can also identify any hidden issues that without undertaking a restoration may not have been found. Some hidden issues include, valley rusting (unless you have a ladder or a view of your roof dips) may be unnoticed and can create leaks, weathered ridges on tiled roofs and loose screws on Colorbond roofs.

Some benefits of restoring your roof include:

  • Keeps out moisture in tiles, promoting the longevity of your roof
  • Strengthens your roofs joints by repointing (tile) or recapping (Colorbond) your roof to withstand storms and extreme weather
  • Ensures the protection of your home’s foundations and your internal possessions from water damage
  • Can save you money on your energy bill (insulation).

What does a Roof Restoration involve?

Depending on the condition of your roof will determine the process that your roof restoration will include. Below details the steps from start to finish of a complete roof restoration.

Complete roof restorations process:

  1. Removing damaged tiles or Colorbond sheets
  2. Pressure clean
  3. Replacing damaged tiles and Colorbond sections
  4. Repairing ridges (tiled roofs) and capping (Colorbond roofs)
  5. Pressure clean
  6. Painting (can be skipped)
  7. Sealing and waterproofing

Again you may not need a complete restoration from one to seven, it depends entirely on your roofs condition.

Our Services

Our roof restoration is a combination of all of our services combined. Your roof may not require all parts, however it is handy to know that we can undertake your roof restoration completely including your roofs guttering.

We have experience restoring terracotta-tiled roofs, concrete tiled roofs and Colorbond roofs throughout Sydney for over 20 years. No matter how big, small your home or the repair, clean or painting job your roof requires our team of specialised roof tradesman will inspect, assess and advise you on which service will perfectly suit your roofs needs.

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